Moth Control Services

Moth Control Services in Perth Australia

The lepidoptera or moths are of complete metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Depending on the species, there may be more than one generation per year. Females lay eggs on the ground (in weeds, logs, etc.) or on specific host plants. Later a larva emerges, which is the destructive state, since it feeds voraciously on the leaves. They pass through various larval stages before pupating.

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The cocoon of the Moth is silk and they are normally hidden in the ground, under dry leaves, sticks, etc. The adult female secretes a pheromone that attracts the male for mating. Some adult moths feed on nectar, while others do not feed and their only function is mating. The moths have a zigzagging flight and are strongly attracted to light (positive phototropism). Like most insects, their activity is greatest during the hot months.

Moth’s busiest time: Spring – Summer

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Moth Prevention and Control

Moth Control Services in Perth Australia
  • Keep the access gates to the facilities closed.
  • Have coupling sleeves to trucks on the platforms of BPT or BMP.
  • If it is difficult to keep the entrances closed, TUV must be implemented in order to capture the moths that manage to enter.

Perform periodic chemical disinsections on the exterior (weekly) to leave residually on the walls and poison the moths that settle.

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