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At 5 Star Termite & Pest Control, we deal with All Pests in Perth. We ensure Termites and Pest free homes in Perth WA

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We want to provide you with the safest and most effective means of solving your All pest problems. This is the job of our highly trained staff to give you pest control services and solutions. Our organic eco-friendly integrated pest management (IPM or Organic IPM) program is designed with that philosophy in mind.

Residential Pest Control

100% Safe and Pet friendly pest control perth and management, No one knows the enemy as we do

Commercial Pest Control
We Provide Pest Control servives to Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Corporate Businesss, Restaurants, Aged Care and Disability Services Centres
Preconstruction Termite Treatments
We use different types of Termite Reticulation Systems, Termite Baiting Systems and Termite Reticulation Systems to protect your Newly Built Homes for up to 50 years

Why We Stand Out From Other Pest Control Companies

Fully Licensed
At 5 Star Termite and Pest Control, all our technicians are fully licensed and hold the valid authorization issued by the Department of Health and Pesticides.
We have recognized Public and product liability insurance, all our operations are fully insured so you do not have to worry about anything.
Flexible Appointments
We understand your priorities of work and home so we discuss the best suitable time for you and provide you service according to your decided time.
Affordable Price
Our prices are the most competitive and affordable in the market. We are committed to providing you the best service which is not hard on your budget.
On-Time Service
Punctuality and reliability is our virtue and we try our best to provide you service on the time we have committed. We respect your valuable time and won't make you wait for hours for our technicians to arrive at your property.
Respectful Of Your Household
Our technicians are very courteous and will not disturb your family or household unnecessarily. They are mindful of your privacy and will not disrupt your home environment. 
Maintaining A Clean Work Area
Our professional pest control technicians always tidy up after them. Your place won't be left messy after the work is finished, our technicians follow all work ethics and will leave your place as it was before they started work
Professional And Skilled
Our Pest control technicians are trained and they are skillful in dealing with all kinds of pest problems. The pest control managers are highly experienced in carrying out termite inspections and later on giving you the best advice for treatment options available for it. The extensive time spent dealing with different pests has given our technicians insight into the pest habits and habitats which they skilfully use against them to help you get rid of them.
Safe And Eco Friendly Treatment Method
The products we use to treat your pests are of high quality and approved by the department of health and pesticides. They are harmful to pests but not to your family.
Explanation Of Treatment Carried Out
Our Pest control technicians will always answer your questions and will explain to you everything they are going to do. You will be told the product name used for the pests and how it is going to work.
Helpful Advice For Client
After the finishing of work, they will give you professional advice on how you can keep your property safe from invading pests.
Local Technicians
Our team has highly qualified technicians who live locally and know pests very well. The local knowledge of pests makes them aware of how our clients suffer at the hands of pests infestations. They devise a subjective plan for every client which helps to get rid of pests most effectively.

All Pest Control Services Perth

Our Technicians Are Fully Licensed with Department of Health and Pesticides WA and years of experince to deal with perth Pests

Let us solve them using our Pet Friendly Pest Control techniques

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Argentine Ants
Ant Pest Control Perth
Cockroach pest control
Cockroach Control Perth
Bed-Bug Pest Control Perth
Termites Pest Control Perth
Rodents Pest Control
Rodents Pest Control Perth
Wasps and Hornets
Wasps & Hornet Control Perth
Mites Pest Control Perth
Fly Pest Control Perth
Spider Pest Control Perth
Mosquitoes Control Perth
Fleas Pest Control Perth
Moth Pest
Moth Pest Control Perth
German Cockroach Infestation
German Cockroach Pest Control Perth
White Ants in house
White Ants Pest Control Perth
House Cricket
Cricket Pest Control Perth

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We care about the environment

Leading Eco Friendly Pest Control Company in Perth

For 5 Star Termite & Pest Control in Perth, an environmentally friendly pest control company in perth, it is vitally important to reduce any impact that our Pest Control services and actions may have on the environment and natural balance. Our technicians are prepared to protect all beneficial species and we only act on those that become a pest and can be dangerous to our health and quality of life.

Why Choose 5 Star Termite & Pest Control Perth

Our Technicians are qualified with Certificate iii in Urban Pest Management. And also Registered with Department of Health and Pesticides WA. We constantly work with our team to ensure we all have the same goal to achieve which is the Customer’s Satisfaction. For achieving this we have some core values which makes us stand out from other pest control companies. 


5 Star Termite & Pest Control offers reliable and budget friendly services. Proper training is provided to our team after every few months.

24/7 Availability

We work on weekends and public holidays to make sure your commercial and residential properties are safe from pests.

Cover All Perth Suburbs

Our skilled and friendly staff provides Non-Toxic Pest control services across all the suburbs of Perth WA Australia at an affordable price.


Our work approach is environmental friendly and we take the full responsibility of achieving the most of it


We respect your time that is why we are committed to provide reliable service on time

Integrity & Honesty

Doing the right thing and standing by our commitment is one of our core value


One of our values which makes us the favorite of hundreds of Aussies

5 Star Termite & Pest Control
Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control Perth

To keep your garden pest free and beautiful, you need to keep a check on insects which are not so helpful for your garden. We use non-toxic methods to deal with garden pests. Identifying what insect is causing the damage is the first step in Garden treatment method.


Mouse Control Perth

The rat extermination service allows to reduce the population of rodents present in a certain place. To carry out this control, various methods are available, among which stand out; chemical and non-chemical elements, in addition to making all those recommendations that help prevent the entry.

House Mouse


Many times we feel invaded by a large number of insects that, in addition to being annoying, transmit or carry diseases that are harmful to our health and that of our pets. When this occurs, the action for the extermination of these insects is commonly called Fumigation and more technically Disinsection

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Aroma Cafe
Bunnings Warehouse
Indoz Homes
Cedar Cafe

Some frequently asked questions about pest control services Perth

It is recommended to wait for 5 days before cleaning your house.however if it’s necessary to clean the house, leave the skirting board area to avoid washing away the product used. Cobwebs can be removed after two weeks of pest control

Keep the house well ventilated for a few hours and do not enter the premises until the spray is dried off. If someone is pregnant, its recommended to stay outside for 5 hours

Our pest control services come with a 3 months warranty period for your peace of mind. Our regular customers do their general pest control once a year as our quality products used will last longer to keep the insects away round the year

You can re-enter the house once dry which will take 2 to 3 hours once the technician finishes the job, Additional advice will be given onsite as per situation