Bed Bug Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Perth Australia

The Bed bug is a blood-sucking parasite, with a night habit. 5 to 8 mm long, flat and oval body, reddish color. Signs of presence are your stool-like stools. They are incomplete metamorphosis, generally with 4 generations a year. It bites at night for 3 to 15 minutes, it feeds every 3 days, but it can fast for up to a year.

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The eggs of the domestic bedbugs are white and measure approximately 0.8 mm. Newborn bedbugs are translucent and colorless. Young bedbugs (nymphs) are similar in shape to adults. After each moult they are pale in color and then darken. Under optimal temperature conditions (above 21 ° C) and feeding regularly, female bedbugs can lay 200 eggs during their life.

The eggs are covered with a sticky substance that adheres them to the objects in which they are deposited. The eggs hatch in 6 to 17 days and the nymphs begin to feed immediately. After 5 molts they reach reproductive maturity. Up to 3 generations can be produced per year. Environmental factors and food availability cause considerable variation in the rate of development at all stages of growth.

Young or adult bedbugs can survive for several weeks and up to several months without feeding, depending on the ambient temperature. The places where bedbugs hide are recognized by black or brown dots that form from the dry excrement they leave on the surfaces of these places. In addition, eggs, eggshells, or exuviae can also be found where they are housed.

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How do bed bugs affect health?

Bed Bug Control Services in Perth Australia

They can cause allergies, but mainly, in addition to itching and skin hypersensitivity, they affect psychologically. They interfere with rest, causing anxiety and great stress.

Faqs Regarding Bed Bugs

  • Are bedbugs dangerous?

    They are capable of harboring more than 40 pathogens, which although they have not yet transmitted them, are pathogens that cause human disease. Entomologists have shown that bed bug feces can put health at risk.

  • What diseases do they transmit?

    At present there are no known diseases transmitted at the moment, however there are tropical species that transmit diseases as serious as Chagas disease.

  • What to do when faced with a bite?

    Most people (about 70%) show no reaction to the action of bedbugs. Even more sensitive people do not notice the parasitosis until they have been victims of them for several days. The bite is usually several reddish spots with slight swelling (similar to a mosquito bite), however arranged in line (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or in a disorderly but somewhat grouped way.

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