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Mouse Control Ellenbrook

Mice are part of Rodent’s family. They are extremely fast and agile. The mouse infestation in your house can be a big stress. It is important to get rid of the mouse problem before it becomes a nuisance for you.

Mouse Rapid Breeding

The mouse can breed very rapidly. If you have seen a mouse in your house, don’t ignore its presence. The mouse infestation will not take long. They can start breeding just after the three weeks of their age. The couple living in your house can reproduce many offspring and within a few months you can see them everywhere. 

Mouse Agility

It is easy for a mouse to squeeze through a whole which is just half an inch wide. Their agility benefits them and they can run along the wires and pipes and everything you name. Their gnawing power is high, they will chew through every kind of material and will destroy your whole house in no time.

What Diseases Do Rats Carry

How To Get Rid Of Mice

If the infestation is large it will take some time to completely get rid of the whole family. At 5 Star Termite and Pest Control you will get the complete expert advice by our professional pest control technicians on how you can prevent your house from mouse infestation. These rodents are very clever but they are animals and they fall in the traps set by humans. Our methods are enviornemntly friendly and the products we use are safe as secondary poision.

Mouse control methods

Following are few points to consider:

1. Mouse Traps

The mouse traps can be effective but they must be placed in the right place where you have witnessed their activity.

Rodent Bait Station

2. Mouse Bait Stations

We use the best quality products approved by HACCP, the baits are designed to mimic their favorite food source and they come in bait stations to enjoy and feast upon the bait. Placing the bait at the right position is also important.

3. Sealing the holes

killing or getting rid of them once has no seurity that they will not come again, until you try your best to seal the entry points for the mouse. There are various entry points in any house or building, sealing all of them might not be possible but trying your best to seal a maximum of suspected areas will definitely help you prevent future infestation.

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