White Ants In House

White ants and termites are the same thing. Termites are wood-eating insects that can devastate your home or business. Termites prefer to live in large colonies and can cause considerable damage to wood and wood structures in a relatively short period of time. These pests are one of the most feared by homeowners and businesses due to their ability to cause extensive damage that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Apart from damages, white ants in house can be an annoyance. 

The three types of termites are underground, moist wood and dry wood. Dry wood termites live on dry wood and are less common in the United States. Wet wood termites usually live in densely forested areas. Underground termites are considered the most destructive of the three types and need a moist environment and are found mainly in the soil.

Termites become active in early spring, appear in swarms and can be mistaken for flying ants. They will be more active during the summer months and will remain active until the beginning of winter. Dealing with a termite infestation is best left to the professionals. Call us and talk to one of our professional staff for White Ant Pest Control.

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White Ant Treatment Methods

White Ant Treatment- Chemical Barrier

Chemical Barrier System

A termite treatment widely used in Defense Pest Management, liquid termites act as a barrier system so that termites cannot enter your home. This is most useful for getting rid of subterranean termites that begin their invasion of the soil.

Underground termites nest in the ground, creating tunnel-like passageways to move from one area to another. They need a lot of moisture to survive and feed mainly on damp and rotten wood, such as trees and untreated wood. And because they move underground, they are hardly seen or noticed while attacking your property.Liquid termites can be applied to the soil, thus treating it, repelling and killing underground termites. Liquid termiticides can generally last for years, but the frequency of application may vary depending on the circumstances.


Sleep apnea is another effective method for managing and eliminating time, where cellulose-based sedatives are used as a trap to get rid of an entire area of ​​time. Specifically, the Sentricon white ant control system uses a number of back-up areas embedded in the ground. These stations have food for the season, which the staff must collect and return their pay.

Since their food was poisoned, the flesh would gradually die, including the queen, making it impossible for their landowners to survive and continue to occupy your land.

White Ants Treatment - Baiting

Faqs Regarding white Ants in house

  • What is the best treatment for white ants?

    Sodium borate, commonly sold as borax powder, can kill termites - in addition to washing your laundry. You can apply the powder around the area, or you can mix it with water and spray it on the area you believe is contagious.

  • How do you get rid of white ants in Australia?

    The best professionals use bait ... because bait is the most reliable way. White ant workers return to their nests ... everywhere.You do not need to know where they are. You buy and use the same formula bait and you will get the same results… dead colonies.

  • Are white ants harmful?

    On their own, termites are harmless to humans or domestic animals, as their purpose is to find food and water sources in order to defend their colony. Termites rarely sting humans but when stung, they cause excruciating pain, incessant itching, and tissue swelling.

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