White Ant Treatment Armadale

White Ants are actually termites but they have popularly got their name white ants all across Australia. White Ants are extremely destructive pests all across the country. The damage caused by the activity of termites/ white ants is greater than any other natural disaster. 

White Ants Treatment

Prevention is the best method for keeping white ants away from your property so that they do not destroy your house and cost you hundreds of dollars. It is basically the preventive method that helps you save your fortune. The beloved house which you own can only be protected from these termites if you have taken some preventive measures.

White Ant Damane

White Ant Treatment Cost

It depends upon the type of property and the perimeter of the house. In some cases, the structure of the house may also affect the price. Please call us at 0423600555 for the obligation-free quote.

White Ant Treatment- Chemical Barrier

White Ant Barrier Treatment Armadale

There are different methods now available to choose from for the homeowners to keep their properties safe from termites/ white ants. The most popular method which has proven results is to treat the soil all around the perimeter of the house with nonrepellent termiticide. Non-repellent chemicals are most effective to make a strong barrier around the house as the termites will not detect the chemical and will take it back to the nest and eliminate the colony by killing the queen termite.

White Ant Baiting System Armadale

  • With the advancement of technology and extensive research being done in this area to keep the damage caused by white ants under control, there have been new baiting systems being introduced. There is a new system named EXTERRA Total elimination System of Termites this is an environmentally friendly method of protecting your home from the damage of termites. There are baiting stations placed all-around your property for keeping an eye on termites activity. If you want to know more about Exterra, call us on 0423600555 
White Ants Treatment - Baiting

Another baiting station system is Sentricon. It is also one of the environmentally friendly methods to control termite infestation in your house.

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