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Perth is a beautiful city situated along the south west coast of Western Australia. It is the capital city with scenic views of river swan right in the middle of the city. The sandy beaches are an amazing place for Perth families to relax and enjoy. Perth has a lot to offer to its residents. Along with all the development the wilderness of the city has not been disturbed, there are uncountable natural reserves right within the buildup areas of the cities and all other suburbs surrounding the Perth region. The presence of bush lands invites the presence of all sorts of different creatures who live in the wild. They find their way into the buildup areas and hence the residents sometimes face problems of unwanted pests and most noticeably rats and mice.

Perth rats and mice have adapted well to the urban lifestyle and they love to live within the city to get easy access to food and shelter for them. Our Company 5 Star Termite and pest Control is specialist in Rodents Pest Control Perth and in dealing with all sorts of rodent problems faced by the residents of Perth. The rats problem is not only in the houses, the commercial areas are equally affected by these rodents. Our pest control technicians are qualified and hold the certificate of URBAN PEST MANAGEMENT issued by The DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PESTICIDES.

Fast And Effective Pest Control For Rodents

Rodents Pest Control Services in Perth Australia

Our Rodents Pest Control Services include

  • Identification of the source of infestation
  • Complete removal using our best rodent pest control methods
  • Customized treatment and prevent their return

Do you hear noises in the roof voids and wall cavities of your house? It is a possibility you are sharing your house with rats and mice. The noise is not the only sign of rodents present in your house. There are a few more apparent signs.

Common Rodent Entry Points

16 Signs You Have Rats And Mice In Your House

  1. Rats are nocturnal animals which means they hunt for their food after the sunsets. You hear noises in your ceiling, mostly at night time OR Early Mornings before sunrise.
  2. You can see Droppings of Rats around your House, Sheds, Patio areas, along the fence, and near Citrus Fruit Trees.
  3. You may observe their droppings inside your kitchen Cupboards, too; if there is a Mouse in your house, then it will come into the kitchen and pantry in search of food.
  4. You might observe your fruit trees destroyed, and your citrus has chewed.
  5. Your pets can start behaving weirdly; when your cats and dogs see the Rodents, they try to ward them off in their ways.
  6. There is a weird smell starting to come from your house. It is because of The Presence of Rats and their feces and urine.
  7. Your ceiling might get stains with no insulation; the Urine marks can be evident from under the roof.
  8. You might observe that cardboard boxes in your kitchen cupboards are damaged due to the Gnawing of the Rodents.
  9.  Perth Roof Rats can damage and make holes in the kitchen cabinets because Rats have incredibly sharp teeth, which helps them chew and destroy many different materials.
  10. Along with the presence of pungent smell and apparent feces of rats, there might be greasy marks along the outer wall.
  11. After a Dead Roof Rat in the ceiling, you feel a Mild or Strong Smell coming from the Ceilings of one of your rooms.
  12. You are finding Alive Maggots spreading around the house inside OR  outside the house due to the dead rat.
  13. I heard noises behind the cavity wall, running rackets from one corner to another up in the roof.
  14. Finding Roof Ceiling has a yellow stain due to the Rodent excretion.
  15. Suddenly your CCTV camera display has been disappearing/disconnected due to the wires chewed by the Roof Rats.
  16. Roof Rats Damaged your Water pipeline and caused Roof Ceiling collapse by Roof Rats all of a sudden.

When To Call Professional Exterminators For Rodents Pest Control

Rodents Pest Control

It is crucial to get rid of these rodents from your property and to call pest control for rodents. Some people use DIY methods to solve their rats and mice problem, but most of the time, it is unsuccessful. You will end up getting them back visiting your property. The reason is that there is not only one rat who is on your property. The infestation might have a whole family or two families or even more in extreme situations. To get rid of them from your roof is not an easy task to do yourself. You need to call professional rodents exterminators for help.

The highly trained and experienced staff at our company, 5 Star Termite and Pest Control can help you make your property rodents free and give you peace of mind. 

There are different methods and procedures that can be used for eliminating rats and mice from your house or commercial property. 

Survey: The first thing is to survey the whole area and observe the signs of rodent infestation and determine the rate of infestation.
Plan: According to the findings of the survey, a comprehensive plan can be made to deal with the rodent’s problem in the most effective ways.

The products our company uses are certified by the Department of health and Pesticides. The registered products are safe for pets and humans. The different methods to get rid of rats and mice on your property involves.

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We Provide The Best Rodent Control Services

Dead Rat Smell In Roof

When there is a rodent problem in your house there might be a possibility you find your house stinking in some particular room. The bad smell coming is the sign of a dead rat in your roof void. We get calls for removing the dead rodents often. It is crucial to get professional help for the removal of dead rats because a lot of precautions have to be taken.

Dead Rodent Removal From Your Roof

First thing is to minimize the risk of spreading maggots which might have developed in the dead rat’s body. Our professional pest control technicians will take all necessary steps to remove the dead rodent from your roof safely.

After the removal of the carcas of rats, the next step is to sanitize the whole area with the help of special chemicals , so that there is no possible spreading of any disease or maggots. It may include the fumigation of the whole roof void.

If the dead rodent smell is really bad and apparently does not go away then we offer the special product which comes in a small bag which is placed in the specific area which absorbs the bad smell and makes the place smell fresh and clean.

Rodent Pest Control Methods

The registered products used by our company for Rodent Removal are formed by the leading brands in the Pest Management Industry for the most effective and practical solution. Using the registered and high-quality products save time for our customer, and we get the desired result in less time.

Rodenticides used by our company, 5 Star Termite and Pest Control, are certified products from HACCP International.

The products sold by ENSYSTEX are of high quality and environmentally responsible. Their products are specially formulated for urban pest management solutions. Our company has used and found all the different products compelling and of high quality.

Fence Line Rodent Stations
Rodent Bait Station

Muskilis one of the best products, which includes Fluo-NP technology. This helps the bait and rodents’ droppings glow red when observed under UV light. This allows tracking their activity and helping to place the new bait stations by the findings. 

is another fantastic product that effectively eliminates rats and mice from your property. This small sachet has lovely smells and high protein contents, which attract rodents, and one feed is fatal for them.

has irresistible feeding attractants which lure the rats and mice to gnaw on it. It has an active constituent of most fatal poison for rats and mice, killing them by consuming one whole bait block. It can be used in both damp and dry environments.

is made from the most refined durum wheat and includes a unique blend of distinctive aromas which attracts roof rats to feed on it. This Gel can stay on vertical surfaces and has passed the test of high temperatures, making it suitable for applying in roof voids and areas with high temperatures.

All types of Rodenticides and baits are used in bait stations specially designed for them. The Peti bait stations by Ensystex have ample space to put blocks and gel sachets in them with a key lock which makes them safe for kids and pets. They have built-in features to nail them to walls or tie them with a fence or pipes, making them easy to use and placing them in different locations around the property. 

There is a new app introduced by the Government’s Department of Agriculture and Food for the residents of WA to report the new insects found or identified. This app is very helpful for identifying the insect pests who are common and if you want to know about their name you can use this app and get professional knowledge. You can follow the link given below to know more about this app.

Facts About Rodents

What Diseases Do Rats Carry

The presence of rodents in your house can be very traumatic. On one side they destroy your home and on the other hand, their disease-carrying ability will bring you and your family at risk.

Rats Sense Of Smell

Rat’s have very sharp senses. They can taste, smell and touch to find food. Rats sense of smell is the highly developed sense among all the other senses. They’re really good at detecting danger because of their sharp sense of hearing. They use their tails to keep their body at the right temperature.

Why Choose 5 Star Termite & Pest Control for Rodents Pest Control?

After Following an initial inspection, 5 Star Termite & Pest Control Perth we only recommend cost-effective and long-term solutions. We provide written and verbal instructions to our all valuable clients to assist them for future protection.

We Use Approved Chemicals With Department Of Health & Pesticides

We are committed to providing chemicals that are highly effective and targeted to a specific insect that we are dealing with; As well as considering Environmental Health & Safety in our consideration. All pesticides are applied as per the label that is completely safe for your kids and pet safe. Our Special formulated products are approved by AEPMA and the Department Of Health And Safety WA Government. All pesticides are applied by a fully qualified technician that has a minimum qualification of Certificate 3 in the rooms Pest Management Course.

Detex With Lumitrack
Rat Injection

How to Avoid Rat Problem in Perth Homes

Rats are highly social animals, and they love to live among humans because your houses provide them food and shelter. The shelter they get in your homes is far safer than the wild habitat. Especially in the winter season, the increased rate of roof rat problems is only because they like to stay safe and warm in your roof void. Controlling the rat’s problem in your property is mandatory for the residents under the Health Act 1911. One should take all possible measures to prevent the rats from harboring your property.


There are three main things to consider when you want to prevent a rodent infestation in your house; you have to remove food source and water, chew and destroy many rooms, and you hardly have to remove items that can provide potential shelter rats around the house.


There are some tips for your convenience to follow through to avoid more significant rat problems in Perth homes. First thing is to look around your house and observe the potential places where rats can make their hiding place. Take steps towards making your home a less attractive place for rats to make their home.

1. Keep your garden clean and mowed. The unwanted shrubs should be trimmed and even taken out so that the vegetation is not a place for rats to hide. Dump your garden waste regularly so that it does not stale and provide attraction to rats

2. Keep an eye on your fruit trees in your garden. Rats love to munch on readily available food. Remove your fruits and any kind of edible nuts from your fruit trees regularly as soon as they ripe. If you leave the ripped fruit on trees, it will attract rats which will eventually lead them inside your home

3. Another important tip is to be vigilant in keeping pet’s food dishes clean. Do not leave the leftover food in the pet’s food bowl

4. To stop the access of rats inside your house, you have to block the holes and other potential access points around the home

5. Store the bulk pet food somewhere safe in a manner to minimize the access of rats

6. If you have kept a compost container, it should be sealed completely to avoid the Rat’s entry into it.

7. If there is any firewood kept in your house premises, then keep it clear from the wall and off the ground

Some FAQs about Rodents Pest Control

  • Can pest control get rid of rats?

    Professional rodents Pest control services can help you to get rid of rats. They have different rodent pest control methods like rat traps, baits, or glue boards. It’s better to check with rodent pest control services for your peace of mind and health safety.

  • How rodents can be controlled at home?

    Rodents can be controlled by sealing holes to prevent their entry, setting traps for their population control, or by placing poison in their favorite food. Traps are the safest method when you can’t use poison. Regularly cleaning your house and garden can also help prevent them from entering your house.

  • What will keep mice and rats away?

    There are some natural odors that rats don’t seem to like which are peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Other chemical odors they don’t like and keep them away are naphthalene.

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