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Flies are not only annoying; They are carriers of diseases and bacteria that pose a serious health and hygiene risk to people and animals.
Globally they cause losses in livestock and avian production estimated at billions of dollars a year.
Their eating habits range from garbage, excrement, secretions, blood, putrefied meat, to any decomposing organic matter, which they use to deposit their eggs.
For this reason they are the ideal vehicle to transport bacteria and pathogens that cause many diseases.

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Common Fly Species

Flies Pest Control Services in Perth Australia

House or Home Fly ( Musca domestica )

This fly is recognized as a house or house fly due to the fact that it is commonly found in or around houses.

Its size is approximately 4 to 7.5 mm long, generally the female is larger than the male, it is opaque gray, on its chest we can find 4 black stripes.
The life cycle of this fly is approximately 7 to 45 days. Females lay approx. 600 eggs, about

Meat fly (Sarcophaga carnaria)

These flies are called this way due to the fact that the larvae develop in spoiled, decomposed meats and even raw meat.

The main characteristic to recognize this type of fly is that it has 3 longitudinal bands on its thorax, and a kind of chessboard. It measures approximately 1.3 cm. Their eyes are large and reddish, usually light or dark gray in color.

The larva has a powerful chewing mouth apparatus with large mouth hooks which allows it to actively penetrate the host and migrate through it, producing tunnels in its path, where it molts to larva 2 and larva 3, in 1-2 days and 2-3 days approximately.

Larva 3 leaves the host 5 days after the last molt, falls to the ground and transforms into a pupa or chrysalis. moist and warm materials such as human or animal excrement, contaminated soil, etc.

Green Fly or Moscón (Lucilia caesar)

This fly is one of the largest, measuring between 1 to 2 cm. long, its color is blue or metallic green. Adults generally feed on nectar from highly fragrant flowers and from juices released from manure, droppings, carcasses, and smelly shrubs. These flies have a very good nose, they are found in small antennas, that is why they arrive before other types of flies.

Green flies or flies reproduce from 13 ° C and develop faster with higher temperatures. At 13 ° C it can take up to 37 days to develop and at 31 ° C it can take only 11.5 days.

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