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The Siphonaptera or fleas are tiny insects (less than ¼ of an inch long) and dark brown. They have no wings and are extremely narrow from side to side, allowing them to pass between body hairs with ease. Its last pair of legs are modified to jump.

How to identify Flea

They have numerous spines and hairs on their body and the parts of their mouth are adapted to pierce the skin and suck blood. The chin-shaped spines on and around the head are an important feature used in identifying fleas. 

Flea Life Cycle

The life cycle of a flea consists of four stages: the egg, the larva, the pupa and the adult. Eggs are laid on a pet, where the pet sleeps, or in cracks and grooves in the floor. Eggs that are laid on pets are not securely attached and soon fall out. About a week the immature fleas called larvae hatch from the eggs. Flea larvae are very different from adult fleas. They have the appearance of worms, they lack legs and they do not feed on fresh blood but live on organic material, including dried blood particles and excrement discarded by adult fleas.

The larvae grow to their maximum size in approximately 12 days, go to the pupal stage and then transform into adult fleas. Adults feed on fresh animal blood more than once a day. They can live a year and even more without needing to feed.

Flea Seasons of greatest activity:

Spring – Summer

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How it works

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Flea Prevention and Control

  • Prevention is done through education and improvements in personal hygiene
  • Cleaning of floors, carpets, etc what can be Larvae and adults shelter
  • Periodic disinsection of lockers, dressing rooms, offices, etc. to intoxicate immature and adult forms

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