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There are approximately 2,400 species of crickets around the globe. Crickets usually reside outdoors and live outside the house, but don’t take these pests for granted; crickets also will invade your buildings, homes in search of food, moisture, or shelter, but will prefer outdoor house lights, or moistures in homes. But once these pest creatures enter or invade your houses they can be a real nuisance to deal with rather than a problem making it important to seek help for Cricket Pest Control. 

Usually, these creatures tend to feed on agricultural landscapes by destroying the field as they feed on crops, but some of the cricket species have been known to feed on damaged clothing or fabrics. The perfect suitable and natural habitat for these annoying little pesky creatures would be a field or a wooden area; Near buildings they would normally be found residing under boards, stones, and other moist light items.

These pests also provide food for other animals like birds, lizards, and even rodents. These pests are known to be omnivorous which means they will feed on crops, plants, and to some extent even animals based materials. Crickets are usually found outdoors but will prefer reading in damp and moist conditions like bathrooms, basements, pipelines, or under logs or rocks. 

House Cricket Australia

What Do Crickets Eat?

One main reason for House Crickets living inside your home In Australia is to find food for themselves. Once they have entered your home they rely on varieties of food they can feed on other different types of insects, clothing material, synthetic fabrics, and scraps. House Cricket Australia also feeds on different fruits found in the kitchen or inside the home. For these crickets to feed themselves they chose another wide range of food outside as well that is wood piles due to the damp moist surface of them, which attracts crickets to them. Outside House Crickets especially in Australia Perth; Crickets can even feed on dry food such as wheat bran, alfalfa, seeds, nuts, etc.

What Do Crickets Look Like?

These pests are known for their musical chirping of the male. If we talk about what size crickets come in it usually depends on its type, House crickets are normally 16 to 22 long, whereas field crickets are approx 2.5cm in length and last but not least ground crickets are much smaller and tiny in size as compared to other common species of crickets. House crickets are normally yellowish-brown, whereas field crickets are found in either black or brown, and ground crickets are brown. Crickets usually have thin antennae, with their head against almost the whole of their body, and their wings cover-up at least half of the abdomen. Crickets have large hind legs which are socially modified for their jumping, but despite that, it is surprising to know some of these cricket species are also found to be wingless.

Different Ways To Control House Cricket Australia

House Cricket in Australia can be a nuisance to deal with especially because of their annoying chirping sound and also the fact that they reside in your home in Australia. 

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Do Crickets fly?

There are more than 100 different species of crickets all around the world. So it's not that shocking or surprising to know that some of these cricket species are to some extent capable fliers, some rarely fly and some of the species of crickets can not fly at all. These crickets are categorized into seven major groups. In which Field, House, Camel, and Jerusalem crickets are typically found urban and suburban homes.

How To Get Rid Of Crickets

There are different ways in which we can get rid of these Crickets that are causing a nuisance in Australia. 

Cricket Perth Australia

Types Of Cricket Insect

Cricket Pest Control Perth

Contact us at 5 Star Termite And Pest Control. Our technicians are licensed and trained to provide 100% customer satisfaction services to control and help you get rid of all kinds of pest problems. Our professional team with years of experience and training have full knowledge of their work and help in solving the cricket problem faced by Australia especially in Perth. Wait for no further.

Crickets Chirping Sound

The male crickets produce a chirping musical sound. The average frequency of these chirps depends upon the number of teeth of crickets per second; which usually varies from approx 1,500 cycles per second. Crickets have different chirping sounds and songs for different purposes like attracting mates, fighting, or sounding alarmed. But the most common cricket songs that they call out are the calling songs that attract the female in the mating process. There is also a direct relationship between the rate of cricket chirping and temperature, i.e. the rate increases with the increase in temperature.

Faqs Regarding Cricket Pest Control Perth

  • How long do crickets live in the house?

    These Crickets can live approximately about 8 to 10 weeks; these crickets can survive harsh conditions which means some of these crickets can live even more than 10 weeks, but that depends on the condition and type of the species.

  • What causes crickets in your home?

    Crickets are typically found inside your homes and outside too, depending on the species the most common species that are found inside your homes are normally the house cricket, these crickets are caused by the damp moisture present inside your homes, in search of something to feed on, they are even attracted by the bright lights inside your home.

  • How do you get crickets to shut up?

    The major step that one can take is to reduce the moisture and damp materials from the homes so that they can go someplace else. Another way to get crickets to shut up is by chilling them out, since these creatures prefer moisture and warm places they are active the most, by changing the temperature around them one can reduce them from making noise.

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