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Roaches are creeping insects (although some species can fly) that live and eat litter. But at the same time they compete to take advantage of our houses and food, they contaminate our food and personal belongings.They get to transmit diseases and cause allergies for humans, In a house or business they are a symbol of misery. They are known to be very tough insects therefore expert solutions are required for Cockroach pest control.

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They are insects of the order of dichotoptera, with great ease to adapt to our homes and our cities. Proliferating uncontrollably and parasitizing our food and our spaces, with the risk and harm that come with it. Cockroaches are insects incubated in the order of Dictyoptera that are divided into these two sub-orders: the Mantoideus (pregadeus) and the Blatáridos (cockroaches).

Cockroach Control is important because

Cockroaches tend to make your house, garden, shop a mess. They can abort all your items starting from electrical to carboard items, they are not alone advancing elements, they are very smelly they carry different diseases where they go. Diseases like murine typhus fever, cockroach bite fever, Weil’s disease.

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Pest Control For Cockroaches In Homes

If you see a small cockroach in your house during the daytime that means there is a large infestation in your house because they generally come out for food and water at night time.

Cockroach Behavior

Cockroach pest control

Cockroaches generally prefer a humid environment and many species also prefer a relatively high degree of heat. Roaches are active mainly at night, during which time they look for food, water, and a mate. They can be seen during the day, especially when there is a high population or when the existing population is subjected to another form of pressure (such as lack of food or water).

What Does A Cockroach Look Like?

The general shape of a cockroach is familiar to everyone. They are oval and with a flattened body, which allows them to drain in all kinds of cracks and crevices. A pronotum (covered as a shield) projects forward over the head; its mouthparts are of the chewing type and are oriented downwards and slightly towards the back of its body. With their long, spiny legs they can run quickly on most surfaces. Specialized tarsus cushions allow them to easily scale glass windows or walk on the roof. Most roaches are of tropical and sub-tropical origin, generally living abroad.

Cockroaches are believed to reside on planet earth along with dinosaurs. Their species have seen a lot of extreme weather changes and hence have become highly adaptable to any kind of living conditions. Roaches are one of the main insects which carry diseases inside your home. The first sign of cockroach presence in your house should be taken very seriously because they can cause compromise to your house environment and hygiene in a negative way.

Cockroach Information

Cockroaches belong to order Blattaria. They’re about more than 4000 species of cockroaches, but only around 30 species are related to human habitat, and only four are a well-known pest. Cockroaches are fairly large insects. Some of them are about the size of a thumbnail, but most of the varieties are larger. 

World's Largest Cockroach

World’s Largest Cockroach

The world's largest cockroaches are the Australian giant burrowing cockroach which is about 9cm long and weighs more than 30 grams. They have large compound eyes, two ocelli, and long flexible, antennae. The first pair of their wing is though and is lying as a shield on the top of the membranous hind wings, their legs are firm, with large coaxe and five claws each.

Cockroach Habitat

Cockroaches are found all over the world they can live to adapt to any environment, they are normally present in the kitchen, bathrooms, and warm slugs. In outdoor they are found in places near water and tropics. These pesty creatures reproduce fastly.

Australian Cockroach Species

Faqs Regarding Cockroach

  • What kills cockroaches instantly?

    Some of the home remedies to kill cockroaches instantly can be Boric Acid and Sprays. But if the situation gets out of hand you need to contact cockroach extermination to get rid of them once and for all.

  • How to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets?

    Cockroaches are a sign of a dirty kitchen. Make sure to clean your kitchen every night and don’t leave dishes unwashed. Wipe all the counter-tops and don’t leave any food on the counter as roaches come out in search of food at night.

  • When to call pest control for cockroaches?

    When you see two roaches, that's when the problem arises. You should an exterminator quickly for Cockroach removal.

  • What happens if a cockroach bites you?

    Cockroach bite symptoms include mildly itchy skin to scratching nose and eyes. It also depends upon the body type, some bodies react very badly to the cockroach bite or allergic reaction, and that reaction gets stronger with time because they carry a particular allergic protein that leads to asthma.

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