Mouse Control

Methods for Mouse Control

The mouse control or rat extermination service allows to reduce the population of rodents present in a certain place. To carry out this control, various capture methods are available, among which stand out; chemical and non-chemical elements, in addition to making all those recommendations that help prevent the entry, nesting and reproduction of these vectors:

Black Rat

Mouse / Rodent Prevention and Control

  • It is important to maintain clean weed channels to avoid harboring rats.¬†Ideally it should be piped
  • Improve the collection system for cartons and waste products.¬†Implement a waste, garbage and cardboard compaction room that is closed and away from the Plants
  • Keep the sinks, cameras, etc. with its covers and grids in good condition
  • Perform regular floor cleaning to keep it free of debris
  • Carry out regular rodent controls (weekly, especially in winter but ideally all year round)
  • Weeds and bushes should be cleaned in this channel
  • Carry out regular rodent controls (weekly, especially in winter but ideally all year round)

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Rodent Pest Control Methods Used Are:


The rodenticide must be based on a cereal that the rodent likes, and that it is of the best possible quality. Because it is also necessary not only to put the product to eliminate them but also products that you like and are mixed with the rodenticide.

Adhesive Traps

It is important when we use these traps for rats and mice, not only to put one, it is recommended to use several at different points, thus we increase their effectiveness to be able to exterminate them.
They are usually placed in dark or hidden places, since rats do not usually eat in broad daylight.

Key Safe Boxes

Priming box with key: Maximum Security, Ideal for industries of Breathing, Centers for Minors, Places With Pets.

Live Capture Traps

These traps are ideal for the food industry that generates dust, floor liquids, and are applicable to various temperature changes


The tunnel is efficient in protecting black sticky traps, for rodents such as Common Rats or Small Vesper

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