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Many times we feel invaded by a large number of insect pests that, in addition to being annoying, transmit or carry diseases that are harmful to our health and that of our pets. When this occurs, the action for the extermination of these insects is commonly called Fumigation and more technically Disinsection.

5 Star Termite & Pest Control is the company you can trust if you need disinsection services to deal with any pest problem.

In some occasions the use of domestic pesticides and home remedies can be effective, but for serious infestations contact us, we will advise you on the disinsection service that best suits your needs, offering you a quick and professional solution with maximum safety for your family and pets.

According to the definition of Disinsect is “Clean from insects, especially from human parasites and from those that are harmful to health or the economy.” This process also includes the treatment of arachnids.

To achieve optimal disinsection with disinsection, it is important to identify the insect to be controlled, since in this way the product to be applied can be determined. Today there is a wide range of insecticides, some specific for each species and others with a wide spectrum.

Our company has the largest stock and variety of chemical products for insect control as well as mechanical measures such as UV equipment, primer boxes for flies, sexual attractants (pheromones) and adhesive traps, which position us as a Leading Company in the Disinsection Industry in Perth, Australia.


Disinsection? Ecological in Cold

Cryonite is a system based on the application of pulverized carbon dioxide that has the capacity to eliminate, by freezing, insects in any of their vital phases, without leaving toxic residues and without producing humidity. The disinfestation cold offers a quality alternative to the use of biocides, avoiding legal difficulties in complying with current legislation (Directive biocides). Improves hygiene levels, minimizing risk factors and facilitating compliance with industry standards. It can be used in direct contact with food and can be applied throughout the installation. Hotels Hospitals, Geriatric Schools and Kindergartens Pharmaceutical industry Malls

How it works

5 Star Termite & Pest Control

Insect Pests to be Disinsected are:

  • Spider Disinsection
  • Wasp disinsection
  • Disinsection of Baratas
  • Bed Bug Disinsection
  • Disinsection of Ants
  • Disinsection of House Flies
  • Mosquito Disinsection
  • Disinsection of Aphids and Mealybugs
  • Moth Disinsection
  • Flea disinsection
  • Termite disinsection

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Ant Pest Control Perth
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Cockroach Control Perth
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Rodents Pest Control
Rodents Pest Control Perth
Wasps and Hornets
Wasps & Hornet Control Perth
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Moth Pest
Moth Pest Control Perth
German Cockroach Infestation
German Cockroach Pest Control Perth
White Ants in house
White Ants Pest Control Perth
House Cricket
Cricket Pest Control Perth